Our Workplace Monitoring & Management Solutions

Our comprehensive solution set can be tailored to meet your needs to help you better navigate the new normal.

Mobile Testing Nationwide

Game-changing combination of rapid (results in minutes), accurate (PCR-equivalent) and affordable tests.

Individuals can visit one of our mobile sites for testing needs or we can come directly to you!

From online appointment scheduling to results reporting, our CLIA certification allows us to manage the end-to-end testing process.

Vaccination Monitoring

Our digital, HIPAA compliant platform enables individuals to upload proof of vaccination, and provide attestation, so you can monitor who is vaccinated, define new protocols, and understand timelines such as when a booster shot may be required.

Health Screening

Leverage our platform to enable individuals to complete a health survey or our medical technicians can be on-site to perform vitals screening including temperature checks.

Results can be uploaded into our digital platform for record retention purposes.

Our Testing Process


Schedule Your Test

Select your desired test and schedule a five-minute appointment at one of our mobile sites. Or, we can come to you!


Register Online

Complete our brief, online registration so that we can expedite your on-site testing experience.


Get Tested

Visit our mobile testing site, provide a painless sample and you’re on your way. No waiting!


Receive Results Online

In just minutes we’ll notify you via email that your results are ready, and are accessible right on your phone or computer!

Our Workplace Testing Offerings

12 minute* Antigen

Ultra-high accuracy

Our tests improve Antigen accuracy from 50%-70% to 96%-98% by using microfluidics technology instead of antiquated lateral-flow methods.

30 minute* RT-PCR

Gold standard

The most reliable COVID-19 test on the market, often used for one-time testing needs.


Neutralizing Antibody

Do I need a booster?

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*Test runtime, from when the sample is analyzed to the result then being available.

Discover the difference between PCR and Antigen tests here. Learn More





Please reach out to learn more about our volume discounts.
All tests are FDA/EUA approved, and provided under CLIA certifications.

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