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Do you or a loved one have a sore throat and need to know if it’s just allergies or something more serious? Schedule your best-in-class strep test near you today to get lab-verified results in minutes.

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Get Tested for Strep Today

Is that sore throat simply a symptom of seasonal allergies, the cold or flu, or is it strep? Can you go to school, work or visit a family member? Or should you stay home to keep others from getting sick? Now you can easily book a 5-minute test online and visit our clinics to get lab-verified results in just minutes.

Avoid the hassles of drawn out appointment schedules and office wait times. Get the certainty you need now with a strep throat test near you. Test runtime is ~18-minutes. Results are lab certified and digital for ease of transmission to your doctor.

Step-by-Step Strep Testing Process


Register Online

Schedule your walk in strep test at either our Boston or Beverly center using our online platform.


Visit a test center

Visit our testing center at your scheduled appointment and our clinicians have you out fast – typically in under 5 minutes.


Test is processed in under 20 mins

Our clinicians run your strep test (test run-time is 18-min) and verify results on-site right after testing.


Access results online

Your accurate, lab-verified results are available online within minutes of your test.

Strep A is responsible for millions of infections, ranging from the very common strep throat to skin and wound infections and others. It is potentially serious and can cause significant illness. Get tested for strep throat today to better determine treatment and quarantine options.


The AllClear Difference

  • Personalized tests when you need them
  • State of the art, best in class testing options
  • Accurate, lab-verified testing
  • Easy-access online results
  • Testing for everyday life—work, home, and social events
  • Convenient city center testing locations

Our Boston Location

New Boston Location Coming Soon!

Our Beverly Location

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Strep test provides RT-PCR-level accurate results, meaning you can have 94-97% certainty that your results are correct.

Talk to your care provider about antibiotics and next steps, particularly if you are immunocompromised or have several risk factors. Stay home if possible to avoid infecting others and inform anyone you may have recently come into contact with.

We only use best-in-class PCR technology for rapid results in under 30 minutes. This test detects Group A Streptococcus, often called Strep.

Strep A is responsible for millions of infections, ranging from the very common Strep throat to skin and wound infections and others. It is potentially serious and can cause significant illness. Statistics show 1100-1600 death/year in the United States are caused by Strep A infections. More importantly,  Strep throat is a risk factor for secondary illnesses, including kidney damage, heart valve damage (rheumatic fever) etc, if not recognized early enough and treated appropriately with antibiotics. Since our test is PCR-based, it does not require waiting for the subsequent culture result, and therefore gives you or your child certainty much faster. Within 30 minutes you know whether antibiotics will be needed, or whether you are good to go (and suffer from a viral sore throat or similar, less significant issue).

We also provide best-in-class COVID testing, 4-Plex (Covid, RSV, Flu A&B) testing, gastrointestinal  testing, and more.

Take a look at our home page for information on more testing options.

Contact us today for more information, or you can see the CDC’s analysis of various strep testing options here.