Respiratory Testing

Our testing options include RSV, Flu A/B, COVID-19, Strep and more. Alternatively, anyone can use our fast and accurate 4-Plex test to detect and differentiate between RSV, FLU and COVID simultaneously.

For individuals: Know what virus or disease you or your loved one has so you expedite appropriate steps for care. We help you get tested and get results to your doctor in just minutes – so you can get the prescription you need faster.

For physicians: Tests are FDA/EUA approved, innovative, and best-in-class. Our 4-Plex differentiates 4 viruses with one test so you can rapidly triage and prescribe appropriate treatment.

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Covid, RSV, Flu A/B

Influenza A/B



The AllClear Healthcare Difference

  • Easy-access online scheduling and results – no waiting!

  • Testing for everyday life. Convenient and affordable options for patients without insurance or for cash based practices.

  • Convenient city center testing locations in Beverly

  • Mail-in gastro tests for home use all across the United States

  • State-of-the-art, best-in-class testing solutions

  • Accurate, CLIA-certified, lab-verified testing

Every member of our team joined AllClear Healthcare to “pull their weight” for the community during some very difficult times during the pandemic. We believed we could help, and we did.

Through this experience we’ve found there are countless other areas where our new approach to health diagnostics delivery will enable practitioners and individuals  to benefit from both existing and revolutionary new and exciting innovations entering the healthcare system. We help the practitioners leading the charge, as well as patients like yourself to:

  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Accelerate your time to improved health

We accomplish this by delivering evidence-based accuracy that is meaningful and trusted to improve practice efficiency and the patient experience while reducing administrative burden.

Our Beverly Location

900 Cummings Center, Suite 214U, Beverly, MA 01915