Testing During a Severe Flu Season

This flu season has already been more serious than any in the last 13 years, with hospitalizations up throughout the United States and case numbers climbing rapidly. What’s more, RSV has arrived months early, and COVID-19 continues to remain more than an “important nuisance”. Experts are worried about the fast transmission of all three viruses, and hospitals are already getting overwhelmed. In rare cases, especially individuals who are immuno-compromised may get more than one virus at a time. Contracting two viruses simultaneously raises the risk of your immune system being overwhelmed, and early and accurate treatment can make all the difference. We have one test which produces 4 Results in a matter of minutes for RSV, FLU A/B, & COVID

We’ve already seen how important accurate COVID testing is to eliminate many of the hassles of quarantine and the resulting disruptions to work, family life and travel plans. High accuracy testing will provide you with results you can trust and help slow the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, many of the testing options available underperform or are slow to return results. The same goes for flu tests. 

AllClear Healthcare is making best-in-class rapid FLU testing available so you can know whether your sniffles are a simple case of the allergies or a highly contagious virus. We only use best-in-class PCR technology for rapid, ultra-high accuracy results in just minutes. The test has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA and is ideal for reliable results in a short timeframe. 

Here are some of the top things to know about our test: 

  • We only use best-in-class PCR technology for 94% to 97% accuracy
  • You can schedule your test at our Beverly and Boston locations
  • Get in and out in minutes with rapid, non-invasive testing
  • Costs just $79 to get certainty

If you need to know whether it’s safe for you to be around vulnerable family members this holiday season, or even to head into work tomorrow, simply schedule your 5-minute appointment today at either our Boston or Beverly centers for our on-demand lab-verified flu test. You can get accurate results in minutes that a doctor can run with to get you the care you need fast and help you to avoid a very difficult road ahead. 

Keep your friends, family members, and coworkers safe. Book your test today and help improve safety in the workplace and at social events and reduce the burden on hospitals.