The “4 Tests in One” 4-Plex Test

Rapid Testing for Common Viruses in Boston and Beverly

One test. 4 Results. In minutes. RSV, FLU A/B, & COVID

Because it makes sense to make sure

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Keep family and coworkers safe, and avoid hassles

We all want to know whether our symptoms are a simple case of allergies, colds, the seasonal FLU, RSV, or COVID. Knowing you can avoid the hassles of quarantine and cancelled vacations, events and gatherings, and minimize your time away from work. Schedule your 4-Plex test today for certainty and peace of mind.

Step-by-Step 4-Plex Testing Process


Register Online

Schedule your walk in visit at either our Boston or Beverly center on our website.


Visit a test center

Visit our testing center at your scheduled appointment and our clinicians will have you out fast – typically in under 5 minutes


Test is processing is Typically 30 mins

Our clinicians run your test and verify results on-site right after testing.


Access results online

Your accurate, lab-verified results are available online within minutes of your test.

A severe flu season can seriously impact both your workplace and your home and family for weeks. Opt for best-in-class safety by flu testing today.


The AllClear Difference

  • Personalized tests when you need them
  • State of the art, best in class testing options
  • Accurate, lab-verified testing
  • Easy-access online results
  • Testing for everyday life—work, home, and social events
  • Convenient city center testing locations

Our Boston Locations

3 Center Plaza, Suite 101, Boston, MA 02108

Our Beverly Locations

100L Cummings Center, Suite 105K, Beverly, MA 01915


Frequently Asked Questions

Our 4-Plex test provides RT-PCR-level accurate results, meaning you can have 94-97% certainty that your results are correct. For comparison, a typical rapid store bought influenza test can have accuracy as low as 50%.

The 4-Plex test allows you to differentiate between different viruses. Take your results to your primary care physician to discuss next steps, especially if you have risk factors for a severe case.

We only use best-in-class PCR technology for rapid results in just 30 minutes. The four-plex test detects COVID-19, Flu A, Flu B, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which is a highly common respiratory virus. The sample is collected with a nasal swab.

We also provide best-in-class COVID testing for events, Flu A/B testing and testing for various gastrointestinal illnesses.

Take a look at our home page for information on all our best-in-class testing options.

Contact us today for more information, or you can see the CDC’s analysis of various flu testing options here.