Academic Covid Testing
On-Site Academic COVID-19 Testing
Helping New England Teachers and Students Back to Class

Enable a safe return to the classroom for students and staff with scheduled population testing in your school, college, or university.

We provide on-campus testing made easy with, our mobile platform and technicians to set up at your facilities or via our mobile testing vans. Test run times of just 20 minutes with PCR-equivalent accuracy.

Academic Covid Testing

Our Academic Monitoring & Management Solutions

Our comprehensive solution set can be tailored to meet your needs as you navigate the new normal.

Our Testing Process

  • Register Your Organization
    Register Your Organization
    Register your organization with us using the below form. One of our experts will then reach out to create your personalized testing plan.
  • Create A Testing Schedule
    Create A Testing Schedule
    We’ll create an academic testing schedule based on your needs. Our mobile testing teams ensure you get the testing you need, when you need it.
  • We Test Your Staff and Students
    We Test Your Staff and Students
    Your staff and students visit our mobile site for their five-minute appointment where our expert technicians collect a quick sample.
  • You Receive The Results
    You Receive The Results
    Each student and staff member receives their results digitally, while management has access to summarized results

Our Academic Testing Offerings

30 minute* RT-PCR
30 minute* RT-PCR
CDC Gold standard
PCR tests are often used as a confirmatory test or when specific restrictions apply (e.g. travel)
12 minute* Antigen
12 minute* Antigen
Ultra-high accuracy
Our innovative new microfluidics test provides lab-equivalent PCR testing accuracy
Neutralizing Antibody
Do I need a booster?
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*Test runtime, from when the sample is analyzed to the result then being available.

Discover the difference between PCR and Antigen tests here. Learn More

/Starting From

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All tests are FDA/EUA approved, and provided under CLIA certifications.

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