Who We Are

AllClear Healthcare is advancing innovative diagnostic solutions for providers who practice whole health, root cause medicine and struggle to provide their patients with highly accurate, affordable, and convenient testing.

We offer At-home/Mail-in, and Point-of-Care, diagnostics with a streamlined testing experience through our CLIA certified lab and digital platform.

AllClear Healthcare is paving the way for practitioner-based education, learning, and progress through continuing education, research, and a network of like-minded industry professionals and solutions.

AllClear Healthcare’s mission is to positively disrupt unmet needs within our underperforming healthcare system. We provide comprehensive, patient-focused and convenient testing options that give you rapid, accurate and affordable results – often in just minutes. We are scaling our digital, customer-centric platform to provide exceptional diagnostic solutions for a variety of newly emerging individual and public health needs.

Through our health diagnostics efforts, we have also had the opportunity to significantly contribute to the safety and productivity of our local and national business communities to keep communities, organizations, and businesses up and running safely, confidently, and productively.

AllClear Healthcare is committed to bringing the most accurate gastrointestinal and other health testing possible, including small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) breath testing and testing for diseases of carbohydrate metabolism.

AllClear Healthcare, a best-in-class testing company, was founded at the height of the pandemic to offer FDA-approved rapid, accurate, and affordable COVID-19 testing. Soon, we extended our respiratory testing offerings to include RSV, influenza A&B, and strep.

Collaborating with healthcare practitioners and patients, we found that the problem of slow and inefficient testing options exists in the diagnostics world for gastrointestinal illnesses as well.

Gastrointestinal issues are rampant. 35.4 million people visit their primary care doctor each year with gastrointestinal diseases as the primary diagnosis (1). Digestive issues are the 13th leading cause of disability-adjusted life year (DALY) (2).

Yet, SIBO, diseases of carbohydrate metabolism, and other gastrointestinal issues go undiagnosed and underdiagnosed because of slow, inefficient, invasive, and expensive testing options (3).

Our main focus has expanded to offer fast, accurate, and affordable Hydrogen/Methane breath testing solutions for gastrointestinal issues — a much-missing piece in medicine. We now help practitioners get their patients treatment faster with At-home, Mail-in testing that is highly accurate and affordable for:

  • SIBO breath testing (we also offer diabetic version)
  • Lactose intolerance breath testing
  • Fructose malabsorption breath testing
  • Sucrose intolerance breath testing

We believe these new testing protocols can help your practice improve efficiency and accelerate the time to better health by triaging patients rapidly and helping to reduce the cost of diagnostics for your patients.

The AllClear Healthcare Difference

  • Easy-access online portal, scheduling and results – no waiting!

  • Testing for everyday life. Convenient and affordable options for patients without insurance or for cash based practices.

  • Convenient city center testing locations in Beverly

  • Mail-in gastro breath tests for home use all across the United States
  • State-of-the-art, best-in-class testing solutions

  • Accurate, CLIA-certified, lab-verified testing

Meet the Team

We have formed a core team of highly qualified, entrepreneurial operators who are supported by a noteworthy advisory team.

Dr. Martin Hahn

Bill Stone

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Martin Hahn

Dr. Martin Hahn

Chief Medical Officer, Lab Director and Medical Advisor

Dr. Martin Hahn

Denise Pendleton

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Martin Hahn

Christine Boehning

Financial Consultant

Dr. Martin Hahn

Cara Lunham

Operations Manager

Gardner Wilson

Gardner Wilson

Staffing and Support Supervisor


Dr. Andrew Lenhardt:
Scientific Advisor

Board-Certified Family Medicine, Faculty member of Tufts Medical School, Endicott College and Yale University, Author, and Extensive History in Functional and Integrative Medicine

John Collins: CEO GMBC; founder Nolij Corp; Board of Trustees, Northeast Hospital (Beth Israel Lahey) and Care Dimensions

George Lloyd: EVP, Investments & General Counsel, RoyaltyPharma

Joe Knowles: CEO/Founder, Institute for Health Metrics; Harvard School of Public Health

John Egan: Red Barn Advisory, Founder and CEO; COO Family Office; Wall St.

Nesbitt Hagood: Managing General Partner, Tenon Ventures; CEO Triib; VP Technology, Qualcomm, MIT tenured professor, Innovator.

Bruce Journey: Co-Founder DataXu (retired); CEO, Technology Review, Inc. an MIT Enterprise

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