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SIBO Test Kit suggested price is $149/

High Accuracy

Best-in-class instruments. Defined substrates with higher accuracy/fewer false positives.

Closed System

Vacuum tube collection (vs. other systems that risk room contamination).
C02 correction inherent in our analyzers.


Results within 24 hours of receipt of sample.

Practice Efficiency

Streamlined order to result process in digital online platform.

Gastroenterologist-Read Results

Every result reviewed by experienced gastroenterologist

Simple To Use Directions

Standardized step-by-step directions and results reduces patient inquiries.

Gastrointestinal Breath Testing

Many often wait far to long to diagnose difficult symptoms like Lactose, sucrose or other intolerances, SIBO or others. Today you can schedule a test online immediately and get the results you need faster. Tests take 3 hours to complete.

For physicians: A breath test to rule out SIBO should be among the first tests done for those with chronic GI symptoms. Simple to follow at-home test kit instructions, a platform that helps you reduce patient non-compliance (breakage) and focus on strategic work, while providing your team with the accurate data needed to drive effective and continuing practitioner care. Good for both patient outcomes and your bottom line.

For individuals: Use our find a provider tool to find a physician who carries our Gold Standard Gut Heath Breath Test Kit and get tested today.

Respiratory Testing

Our testing options include RSV, Flu A/B, COVID-19, Strep and more. Alternatively, anyone can use our fast and accurate 4-Plex test to detect and differentiate between RSV, FLU and COVID simultaneously.

For physicians: Tests are FDA/EUA approved, innovative, and best-in-class. Our 4-Plex differentiates 4 viruses with one test so you can rapidly triage and prescribe appropriate treatment.

For individuals: Know what virus or disease you or your loved one has so you expedite appropriate steps for care. We help you get tested and get results to your doctor in just minutes – so you can get the prescription you need faster.

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  • Mail-in gastro tests for home use all across the United States

  • State-of-the-art, best-in-class testing solutions

  • Accurate, CLIA-certified, lab-verified testing


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