Stomach or Gut Issues Impacting Your Day?

A simple breath test provides answers. Is it:
• Lactose intolerance
• SIBO (small intestinal overgrowth)
• Other sugar or foods?

Get tested. It’s as easy as breathing

Mail-in or Walk-in

Feeling Sick?

Is it flu? Covid? RSV?
Symptoms can be misleading.

Find out with our 4-Plex test.
One test. 4 Results.

Treatments differ. The earlier you know, the faster your doctor can prescribe the right treatment and minimize impact.

It makes sense to make sure today

Feeling ill and want the right prescription fast? Avoid delays with getting results. Come in and get the test you need today so you can communicate with your doctor to get the prescription you need.

Reduce uncertainty and waiting days or weeks to get answers. You can book a test today and get respiratory results in minutes with gold-standard RT-PCR or ultra-high accuracy microfluidics antigen (M-Ag) testing. We do not offer underperforming “rapid Home tests”. See new FDA guidance to understand why

COVID is more than an “important nuisance”

You don’t need masks and social distancing to get best-in-class event safety today. Underperforming tech and protocols continue to risk debilitating health and organizational productivity – including the hassles of interrupted work schedules, home life and travel plans. It is costing trillions in business continuity and productivity. Improve certainty, outcomes and peace of mind.  Get Dr. Hahn’s “Winter Update on the Evolving Covid Problem” to learn more.

Personalized Health Diagnostics

Our best-in-class diagnostic solutions make it easy for you to get rapid, accurate, and affordable testing and results where and when you need it. Get improved certainty and peace of mind faster with AllClear Healthcare.

Stomach or Gut Issues?

Mail-in or Walk-in GI Tests

Simple breath tests provide answers for:

• Lactose Intolerance
• SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)
• Fructose Intolerance
• Sucrose Intolerance

It’s as easy as breathing!

RSV, FLU A/B AND Covid-19

One Test For All 4


Feeling Sick? Symptoms can be
misleading. The earlier you know, the faster
your doctor can prescribe the right
treatment and minimize impact. Results in


PCR accuracy. No need for confirmatory culture


Our rapid strep test accurately diagnoses pharyngitis caused by Group A Streptococcus, via swab, in as soon as 18 minutes for positive.

COVID-19 – Antigen

Ultra-high accuracy microfluidics antigen (M-Ag)


Our tests improve Antigen accuracy for Covid tests from 50%-70% to 96%-98% by using microfluidics technology instead of antiquated lateral-flow methods.


Gold Standard


RT-PCR accuracy in minutes. All of our COVID-19 tests are FDA-EUA approved.

Agile Personalized Health Diagnostics

Coming Soon

AllClear is bringing meaningful and affordable new testing from the rapidly evolving intersection of biopharma, healthcare, data and diagnostics.

Discover the difference between RT-PCR and “Rapid-Home Antigen” tests here. Learn More

Please reach out to learn more about our volume discounts.
All tests are FDA/EUA approved, and provided under CLIA certifications.

Gastrointestinal Breath Testing

Many often wait far to long to diagnose difficult symptoms like Lactose, sucrose or other intolerances, SIBO or others. Today you can schedule a test online immediately and get the results you need faster. Tests take 3 hours to complete.

For individuals: are you struggling with stomach or gut issues? Get the certainty you need, quickly and conveniently, so you can get back to living life. Ask your doctor and/or book now.

For physicians: triage patients faster with state-of-the-art diagnostics and best-in-class accuracy.

Respiratory Testing

Our testing options include RSV, Flu A/B, COVID-19, Strep and more. Alternatively, anyone can use our fast and accurate 4-Plex test to detect and differentiate between RSV, FLU and COVID simultaneously.

For individuals: Know what virus or disease you or your loved one has so you expedite appropriate steps for care. We help you get tested and get results to your doctor in just minutes – so you can get the prescription you need faster.

For physicians: Tests are FDA/EUA approved, innovative, and best-in-class. Our 4-Plex differentiates 4 viruses with one test so you can rapidly triage and prescribe appropriate treatment.

COVID-19 Testing and Corporate Event Safety

We provide both 12-minute ultra-high accuracy microfluidics antigen (M-Ag) testing (radically different accuracy than traditional “rapid-home antigen tests”), and 30-minute gold standard RT-PCR testing with results in minutes. Ideal for corporate events and day-to-day testing when improved certainty is needed.

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All tests are FDA/EUA approved and provided under CLIA certification as required. 

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The AllClear Healthcare Difference

  • Easy-access online scheduling and results – no waiting!

  • Testing for everyday life. Convenient and affordable options for patients without insurance or for cash based practices.

  • Convenient city center testing locations in Beverly

  • Mail-in gastro tests for home use all across the United States

  • State-of-the-art, best-in-class testing solutions

  • Accurate, CLIA-certified, lab-verified testing

Every member of our team joined AllClear Healthcare to “pull their weight” for the community during some very difficult times during the pandemic. We believed we could help, and we did.

Through this experience we’ve found there are countless other areas where our new approach to health diagnostics delivery will enable practitioners and individuals  to benefit from both existing and revolutionary new and exciting innovations entering the healthcare system. We help the practitioners leading the charge, as well as patients like yourself to:

  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Accelerate your time to improved health

We accomplish this by delivering evidence-based accuracy that is meaningful and trusted to improve practice efficiency and the patient experience while reducing administrative burden.